I'm an old soul. I'm a wife. A daughter. A sister.  An aunt. A best friend. I love to travel.  I'm a fierce animal lover. I consider my dog Famous my first born son. I'm a collector of old books. Since I was a little girl I dreamt of being a writer; I still can't believe I am one. I live in a parallel universe. Real Colet works, plays, hangs with friends, sometimes cooks for her husband and walks her dogs. Fantasy land Colet is surrounded by imagined people, places and a million different scenes. On any given day I move between both worlds at least a dozen times. My husband thinks it's an awesome quality.

Which leads to my next point: 

 I'm a television producer and am starting to dabble in film. I know I'm lucky. I count my blessings everyday.  I read self help books  all the time and hope that I can become a better soul for this life and the next, and yes, I do believe in that sort of thing.


I believe in soul mates. I believe in happily ever after. I believe in taking risks. I believe that hard work does pay off. I believe that if you don't follow your heart you'll miss out on life. I believe that imagination is the key to greatness. I believe if you stop dreaming you'll never change your world. I believe that anything is possible. Everything happens for a reason. And I believe that dreams really do come true.

Love & Light