Mad Love Part Deux


So this is my first real blog entry. I've never done this before and now I kind of don't know why I waited so long? All I know is that I read a quote by Wayne Dyer that resonated with me and made me want to give this a go.

"We all fear change and the risks it carries...Our soul wants to expand and grow. When we stay with the familiar, just because it is familiar, we are responding to a fear of failure that doesn’t support our growth." Wayne Dyer

So I thought what the hell? You got this Colet! You're brave. Same way I was brave and jumped out of a plane and went skydiving... (truth- I didn't really jump, they kind of picked me up and threw me out so I had no choice but to flap like dead weight through the sky... but at least I got on the plane).

I'll have you know that while I'm typing this the Twilight marathon is on and I keep getting sidetracked by Bella and Edward. They really do make me smile... sigh. It's New Moon and it's the scene where RPatts leaves KStew. I hate this part. Oh Edward, why do you have to make the wrong decision and break Bella's heart? Men.


Speaking of men...


I've been in the middle of Mad Love book two for a while. Almost arrogantly I thought that it would just come out and be magically brilliant and perfect. Let's just say that real life has a way of surprising you. In case you were wondering, editors tend to have that ability as well.  As much as I love being back in the world of Sophie and Clayton I have moments of self doubt that frighten me beyond belief and can be paralyzing. But then I push myself back in it and thank the Gods above that I'm able to do what I love. 

It's funny because my real life Erik always sends me texts during these times, like he can read my mind or something and tells me that I'm so dramatic and need to stop being such a pain in my own ass. He's right of course. I am a pain in my own ass. But then,  if anyone is going to be a pain in my ass, it should be me, right?

Right, you say.

Clayton and Sophie. Love them. Love were they're going. Especially love Clayton and his eyes... he's hot.

Way hot.

Alright. I think that about sums it up.